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The mission of Econo Petroleum is to establish a new brand within the petroleum retailing environment, servicing communities not only within Southern Africa but across Sub-Saharan Africa. Econo Petroleum is a wholly and proudly South African Company with its roots firmly planted in the Petroleum milieu due to its affiliation to a major wholesaler – Brandvlei Verspreiders. This close affiliation means that service delivery will always remain a priority as will each customer – from the retailer to the consumer!

The ethos of Econo Petroleum is to render a positive contribution to each customer, in terms of both service and product, whilst contributing to both the community and individual.

Econo Petroleum pays more than lip service to the fact that growth and sustainability are fundamental to success. In order to expand, it is important that fundamental principles are addressed – these are focused upon economic transformation within the community within which it operates.

In order to provide the impetus for the transformation – the need within each community is identified and addressed by the flexible approach to conducting business.

Inspirational Initiatives

Our motto “we fuel your journey”, means more than simply filling up your tank at one of our stations. Your patronage gives us the opportunity to make your journey possible, but also helps us to empower communities by making products accessible and providing job opportunities.


The inspiration for Econo Petroleum was sparked by the emergence of a niche market created by the divestment of the major oil companies in the rural or more remote locations.

Certain areas have been neglected in terms of both supply and branding. Econo Petroleum offers a variety of services and a reliable distributor of product – Brandvlei Verspreiders – which caters for the development and the transition of these facilities into viable enterprises. This approach allows for the upgrading of existing sites with the assistance of skilled professionals. Econo Petroleum also provides flexible financial branding options tailored to suit each facilities’ needs.

Econo Petroleum “fuels your journey” with its flexible approach to branding. As experienced, professionals within the Petroleum environment we provide you with the individualised solution irrespective of whether it’s an existing filling station or new development.

How can we assist you?

Econo Petroleum offers a complete, packaged solution with flexible financing as well as professional and affordable assistance with all environmental and legislative requirements. This means that the retailer can focus on his business while we assist with the rest.

  • Petrol 93 ULP

  • Petrol 95 ULP

  • Diesel 0.05 Sulphur

  • Illumination Paraffin Wholesale

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